Sustainable Sewing at The Magic Thread Cardigans

April 26, 2018


How is the Magic Thread Sustainable in design, sewing and fashion? 

I have always been a goer for making a minimal impact on our earth, I am especially conscious of my environment with recycling in my home (vintage furniture, hand-me-downs, handmade clothing/jewellery/homewares) in my sewing studio (The Magic Thread) and in my garden (Vegie patch, compost, chickens, repurposed planters, diy garden furniture)...too much to name, but you get my drift....Maybe it's because i have always been a thrifter, crafter and lover of vintage pieces that i don't look at the new and what is in trend/fashionable, that these influences encourage me to be conscious of reducing/reusing/re-purposing/recycling ? !


Cardigans firstly are knitwear and yes are New, which are quality garments that last longer than the usual mass produced garments. "Quality over Quantity". Secondly they are a staple in pretty much everyone's wardrobe in both sexes for layering. Thirdly I don't order one in each color and size, so I am not mass produced. Selling only one off sizes and one off colors. so they would call this "Slow Fashion" . The wholesalers where I purchase my high quality knitwear from are by certified Fair Traders around the world. The cost of me purchasing from them is not "cheap" as i am not buying in bulk (only buying 1 or 2 in one size and one color) and paying a high Wholesale price of as much as $28 per item,....leaving me with not much to make a profit from, but doing what i love to create one off, unique and individual cardigans to share with others. 


My processes of reducing waste in Sewing and design, are by the choices I buy and create with;

*using vintage and pre-owned buttons 

*using vintage and pre-owned threads

*using vintage and pre-owned fabrics

*using vintage and pre-owned needles

*using vintage and pre-owned ribbons, laces, embroideries, motifs, collars,patches

*using vintage and pre-owned beads, sequins, diamante's, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, jewellery, brooches

*using vintage and pre-owned clothing- e.g. shirts buttons and collars, aprons, skirts, dresses etc. 

using vintage and pre-owned doileys

you get my drift..:) 

*wrapping parcels with recycled brown paper and pre-owned, vintage fabrics 

*design, print and create my own sticker labels,and hang tags 

*design, print and create my own 100% cotton canvas printable care labels and postal address stickers