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Shop Update & Changes - 2020/2021

Updated: Feb 18

Some of you may already know from my Instagram/FB posts of late that my website was to shut down in June 2020... that the past three years have been a struggle for me to keep the movement of Magic Thread Cardigans constantly going all season round. Much of it to do with Health flare ups, ongoing unexpected, unpredictable changes to my existing and new diagnosis in the Chronic Illnesses area (I Suffer from and am a warrior 💪🏼 of Infertility, Adenomyosis & its sister Endometriosis along with Fibromylagia, IBS & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, 😔 What's more, is that my husband's family tourism/Boat Tour businesses ⚓️that I am employed by full time for 7 days per week, has grown in the past three years and has become more demanding of me with time constraints. Leaving me little time for sourcing, buying, designing, and sewing Magic Cardigans every season. I love to have and make time for self care, my family (including my fur 🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺babies), Riding my bike, cooking, day trips and gardening 🌱on top of my hobby of sewing🧵. So managing all of these things at once has taken its toll on me 🥺and need to cut back my workload/life load so that I can take care & be kind to myself & live a happier, positive, healthier lifestyle😊...i just don't want to take the enjoyment & rewards i feel out of it all. It's important to keep what you love to do "when i make with my hands, i give of my heart" 💗 by madam sew

This doesn't mean I am to give up the very thing that has kept me going in some way shape of form of creating, designing in my everyday life. Sewing and design is what has kept my soul alive all these years despite all the life changes, adjustments I had to make to accommodate living with chronic pain & illnesses. Putting pressure on myself to keep a well stocked online shop, custom orders up to date and stockist cardigans is not something I am currently in the position to do. It has brought me to tears to think about closing down my website and stop embellishing cardigans altogether. It has taken me 5 years to design and develop to what it is and it would be a complete shame to not be able to access it once again and see all that hard work and passion gone. The Magic Thread Cardigans was first established in 2012 so I am grateful for the slow and steady growth like progression for me, and to just watch that disappear would seriously break my heart. With a soul mates support, unconditional love and encouragement my husband Fraser doesn't want me to give up on something that he knows brings me much joy, more importantly lifts my spirits, and is my passion....we will be keeping the website alive (YAY)💁🏻‍♀️ and turn Magic Cardi's back to a hobby📍✂️🧵....ending this paragraph with my fave quote by Arthur Ashe "start where you are, use what you have, do what you can"

Ok so after explaining all that :) WEBSITE will be still ACTIVE woohooo :), though I will be listing cardigans sporadically when I feel up to it 💁🏻‍♀️ many thanks 🙏🏻to loyal and new customers whom have stood by me and supported me all these years..basically, i would not be doing this without you all! You all keep my dream biz alive whether big or small!

What's More..being positive, patient and persistent....the CHANGE that will happen to Cardigans (my blank canvases) As I am huge Op Shopper/sustainable/reuse revive relove revolutionist and conscious consumer, I have decided to source only "second hand", pre-loved", unworn with tags, samples and seconds & "vintage" cardigans on my regular visits to op shops/sample/antique stores 😉 ! In my oppie finds I have already come across new /tagged unworn cardigans, designer and high quality almost new cardigans. I hope that you won't mind this adjustment and will still love to buy Magic embellished Cardigans. Consequently this will be the change, Cardi’s will be more affordable & with keeping in line of my brand philosophy and what Magic Thread Cardigans stands for;

Driven by the Love of Cardigan's💕

"I like to think that each cardigan comes with it's own story,  and each time it's merged with old into the new, and is loved by a new owner, new stories are added to the history of the Cardigan"

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my Blog and hope that you keep supporting me regardless of the changes :)

kindest regards

Diana xox

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