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Hello 2022 - Magic & Me version 2.0

Updated: Feb 18

🙋🏻‍♀️Hello & welcome everyone, Feb 2022

In a nut shell and a very sensitive & raw issue for me as you have known from my last blog post update in 2020/21 as a warrior of Chronic & invincible Illnesses, sadly adding Infertility battles, major surgery & working a full time family business & then a pandemic added to the mix, is as to why the Magic Thread Cardigans, Sewing & creating went to the very back burner. The major focus has been on my recovery and healing journey in all aspects of my physical, emotional and mental health, mind, body, spirit ❤️‍🩹💪🏼🕉

A Quote that has recently inspired, reinvented Magic Cardigans & myself.... Am calling this Chapter, version 2.0 (made a tiny modification in bold to the original to suit me)

"She sewed back together her broken heart strings and with threads made from Magic she rebuilt her wings"

(original unchanged quote compliments to https://www.instagram.com/the.childless.circle)

Magic Thread will remain as a main Hobby of mine, as I navigate through restoring myself, focusing my energy on what is important, on what brings light, love and passion in the very moments that also bring me joy, which is - Designing, sewing and sharing my love of embellishing cardigans to you all 😊Letting in those creative & crafty juices to flow again, getting my hands SEW ready & dusting out those cob webs of my sewing room & sewing machine 🧵🪡📍✂️📝✨

Bringing the Magic back to life to The Magic Thread Cardigans as ReLove, ReVamp and Restyle. With a conscious consumer heart, all Cardigans going forward are sourced as good quality barely worn, second hand, preloved, unworn with tags, samples & seconds and vintage finds. As well as the continued use of creating magic with vintage/retro and preloved trimmings, buttons and accessories that I love to upcycle and repurpose #sustainablesewing. All Keeping in the vibe of my original logo's motto "merging old with the new". Once I get designing on my blank canvases, I hope that the 2022 Cardigan collection that comes about will appeal to you, Be fun fashion, appeal to the vintage & retro style lovers, those looking for a novelty style, and unique one off pieces that no one else will have.

Ten years later it is still a slow progression of love and I am most grateful and feel very blessed for all the loyal customers and new followers that have stayed ever present through the last 10 years, even in my long absence... It truly means the world to me and just warms my heart to be in touch with you again & sharing the 2.0 chapter & journey. Thank you very muchly🙏🏻 Thank you for all the likes, shares, comments, reposts, hello messages, cardi purchases & general support, Magic Thread Cardi's would not be continued without you all either. 😘much love Diana ♥️

Ending this blog entry with this awesome quote &beautiful illustration by https://www.instagram.com/pru_art/

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