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Sustainable Sewing at The Magic Thread Cardigans

Updated: May 24, 2020

How is the Magic Thread Sustainable in design, sewing and fashion?

I have always been a goer for making a minimal impact on our earth, I am especially conscious of my environment with recycling in my home (vintage furniture, hand-me-downs, handmade clothing/jewellery/homewares) in my sewing studio (The Magic Thread) and in my garden (Vegie patch, compost, chickens, repurposed planters, diy garden furniture)...too much to name, but you get my drift....Maybe it's because i have always been a thrifter, crafter and lover of vintage pieces that i don't look at the new and what is in trend/fashionable, that these influences encourage me to be conscious of reducing/reusing/re-purposing/recycling ? !

Cardigans firstly are knitwear and yes are New, which are quality garments that last longer than the usual mass produced garments. "Quality over Quantity". Secondly they are a staple in pretty much everyone's wardrobe in both sexes for layering. Thirdly I don't order one in each color and size, so I am not mass produced. Selling only one off sizes and one off colors. so they would call this "Slow Fashion" . The wholesalers where I purchase my high quality knitwear from are by certified Fair Traders around the world. The cost of me purchasing from them is not "cheap" as i am not buying in bulk (only buying 1 or 2 in one size and one color) and paying a high Wholesale price of as much as $28 per item,....leaving me with not much to make a profit from, but doing what i love to create one off, unique and individual cardigans to share with others.

My processes of reducing waste in Sewing and design, are by the choices I buy and create with;

*using vintage and pre-owned buttons

*using vintage and pre-owned threads

*using vintage and pre-owned fabrics

*using vintage and pre-owned needles

*using vintage and pre-owned ribbons, laces, embroideries, motifs, collars,patches

*using vintage and pre-owned beads, sequins, diamante's, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, jewellery, brooches

*using vintage and pre-owned clothing- e.g. shirts buttons and collars, aprons, skirts, dresses etc.

using vintage and pre-owned doileys

you get my drift..:)

*wrapping parcels with recycled brown paper and pre-owned, vintage fabrics

*design, print and create my own sticker labels,and hang tags

*design, print and create my own 100% cotton canvas printable care labels and postal address stickers

When developing my ideas for the Magic Thread Cardigan, it was centred on being sustainable in anyway i could afford and not to be a mass, commercialised product. I am a gal that loves not looking like anyone else, so shopping in a mass produced store was never in my cards. I am a cardi lover, and just wanted to share this love with other like minded people.

There is a quote that I have had stuck on my mood board since i was 19. For the life of me, I found it in a magazine and did not take down the author..

" The joy of junking comes not only from a great find, but also from that moment when you figure out how to breathe new life into an old piece."

My brand philosophy was inspired by these very words that mean something to me in my everyday life.,(to read my brand philosophy click tab " get the look" )

I like to follow my ethical instincts and have confidence that I am doing my part big or small in being sustainable in what i am passion about,

My dream is to one day, be able to create vintage knitwear designs from scratch by a knitting mill in Australia.

Hope you enjoyed reading my article :)

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