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The faces behind my lil biz

Well it has been a year since i did my last intro on my website! and I feel an update is in order!

There are a few NEW and EXCITING things happening at the moment with my lil biz.

Firstly the introduction of two lovely ladies as my Brand Enthusiasts.

I have chosen brand enthusiasts to represent me and the label. Hoping to reach out to more cardigan lovers out there on a very low budget.

As you know running your own tiny biz is very time consuming and not easy with a one woman show! the fact that i design, print and create all my labels/tags, packaging, website, social media posts, artwork as well as sew and the rest...it was time to call in some much needed help at a very low cost.

I have chosen two brand enthusiasts as I like to cover a range of cardigans for every shape and size. Therefore Elizabeth for Petites and Phoebe for Curves.

I stock cardigans from size 8 to 22. If there is a size i do not have, i welcome you to contact me and discuss options of sending me a cardi to embellish for you.

Phoebe @Gal_with_curves (instagram)

is my BFF and all time supporter and wearer of my cardigans, so it was inevitable that i was going to choose her over a model. She has worn my cardigans from the first time i started and has followed me along the way the past 5 years with it all,

I wanted someone to represent an everyday working woman and mum that can embrace her curves. Representing the different ways she likes to wear her cardigans in her everyday life.

Phoebe likes simple and classic looks which makes her the perfect Magic Thread Cardigan enthusiast.

Elizabeth @elizaplea (instagram)

Is a follower, supporter and purchaser of my cardigans. I chose Elizabeth as my petite brand enthusiast over a model as she won my heart with the many amazing looks she created with her new cardigan purchases, She shops like i do as well and is a nifty thrifter!

The main reason i do what i do, is because i just love to see people wear my cardigans and how they style them. So it had to be her. She also represents a vintage inspired style and embraces sustainable fashion which is number one on my list.

Elizabeth is a working woman that loves to try new things and can create a vintage inspired outfit everyday perfectly with mixing op shopped garments with new items, making her the perfect candidate for "merging old with the new".

The thing is I love many different looks, and i do not have a certain look, I have always been one to dress as uniquely and different as possible. I see it as my own look, mixed with all the things i like.

Pin up, rockabilly, goth, hippy, boho, chic, 50's, 20's, mod, preppy, there is so many out there now, and i pretty much like to think I have a wardrobe that can cover each of these looks.

I go by feel and what mood i am in on the day for styling. Sometimes I'm even an average Jill with trackpants and a sweater! BTW i wear cardies with sweats too :)

I admire the looks and efforts of Pin up, Rockabella's, and vintage models, however i can never re-create their looks exactly, everyone has their own unique style and i respect that.

I like to think that my cardigan designs cover the above range of styles - so that ANYONE can buy them and style them however they love.

Therefore choosing the above brand enthusiasts was to promote that my cardigans are accessible to anyone, any shape, any style , any moment!

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